The News You Are Not Allowed To Hear


We live in interesting times.

There are shocking, unexplainable differences between how the news is reported on Fox News versus on CNN. The same event is described to make Republicans the hero on Fox but the villain on CNN. Matters of fact are being reported with such spin and bias that they are being understood inversely depending upon the reporter. How can this be?

Matters of fact cannot be understood any differently than they are. A rapist is not a victim, a violent thug is not an object of sympathy. But in today's news reporting, they often are (MS-13).

Articles, interviews, research papers, documents and photos are disappearing from the internet. Witnesses and whistleblowers are being silenced (Phil Haney, Seth Rich). has been caught out ourselves - links to YouTube videos that no longer work. Wikipedia pages that are substantially modified with the changes not showing up in the edit history. Twitter and Facebook accounts that are summarily deleted. We expect this for vile or illegal content. We do not expect this for differences of opinion, or for opposing politics.

Therefore, we now try to save and post articles, video, source documents directly, without links. Please note that all videos hosted by can be easily downloaded (Right-Click, SaveAs) so that others may store, replicate, email and disseminate. We don't care if you attribute us as a source, just so long as the information is distributed. Do you want to copy something we wrote word for word? Please do! God bless you and may you prosper. Just so long as the information is distributed. staff and contributors are strong patriots to our respective countries/republics and we will not be bought or sold. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, those who will not risk their own safety to defend their freedoms deserve neither safety nor freedom.

This site was created to assist our local community with knowing the facts about the historic events now occurring all over the world. Facts that the mass media is often misreporting and distorting to the point of dishonesty.

We are a small crew with no budget (have you noticed any ads? Donate button?) Therefore, please forgive us the occasional mistake or broken link. We are doing the best we can to pass along the bald facts that the MSM is baldly misrepresenting and suppressing - and sometimes we get it wrong ourselves. If you catch a mistake, if you know something is wrong, we would be grateful if you'd tell us via the contact form.

Folks, these are strange times and we're all in this together. Gay or straight, Muslim, Christian or Jew, life under communism will be as it was for Russians living under the Soviet Union (and in every other country in which it has been implemented): a living hell. Don't kid yourselves, leftists: you will live to regret what you begat – just as they did in the Soviet Union. WWG1WGA, as the Anons say.

Update May 2021: Other sites are doing a much better job of keeping up with the news, so we will now redirect this domain to one of those sites. Certain pages (such as this one) will remain accessible, and if you have specific requests or comments, please use the comment form. We're still here.

Update Sept 2021: We're back, but not as a daily-updated news resource. Instead, we find ourselves frequently needing to refer people to basic information regarding Covid, or to information regarding current politics. Therefore, we have re-vamped to provide (infrequently updated) basic links of that nature.