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Baltimore Bridge Collapse: March 26, 2024

On March 26, 2024, the Francis Scott Key bridge Baltimore, MD, suffered catastrophic failure and collapsed into the Patapsco River after being struck by container ship DALI . A number of details in this story are suspicious, including:

  • The DALI made a 220deg turn and appeared to steer straight-on to the key bridge support (See Mar 27 Updated Analysis)
  • The DALI steered past protective pylons in order to strike the bridge
  • The DALI struck exactly the correct bridge support to collapse the bridge - any other support would not have done half the damage
  • The critical importance of this particular bridge to the USA supply chain
  • Where was the pilot boat / tugboat that always accompanies ships of this size in the harbor?
  • Why did the ship's lights go off (twice) for one and two minutes before the ship struck the bridge? Battery backup should have restored the lights within seconds.
  • Who notified police to close the bridge one minute before the strike?
  • The burst of black smoke before the ship struck the bridge is the subject of much debate
  • The timing of this event following another recent event in Russia
  • Mike Flynn, 3-star LGen and former DNI, states this event was a deliberate attack.
  • The Black Box failed to record key moments

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