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Who Is Barry Soetoro Really?


Obama may well have been born in the USA, but the point of this section is to show that Donald Trump was not the original "birther" - Hillary was. Unless, of course, you count Obama himself since he has several times referred to Kenya as his birthplace when visiting Africa. However, we are quite sure he has little first-hand recollection of the event.

21-02-22 Here it is again, from his own mouth
10-11-04 Documentary: Evidence that Obama was born in Kenya
11-05-06 Lucas Daniel Smith and the Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate
Hawaii Director of Health is sole casualty while bringing Obama Birth Certificate to DC
this and this AND this

Mystery History

One thing that you immediately notice about Obama: video and articles regarding his background are not debunked - they are deleted, removed, suppressed, hidden. There are only a handful of video sharing services (less than 50) and every one of them deletes videos such as those found here. Even major news organizations used those sites to host their video - and now the Obama, Clinton, Biden, etc videos are gone. Where is the anger about this? Why is "video cannot be found" not an outrage?

21-01-11 Obama's friend and mentor on the news in 1971.
2015 What legitimate person doctors photos of himself as a youth?
Obama's childhood - more Muslim than he admits
Glenn Beck's Very Good expose of Obama's fake history (slow start, gets better)
The original, FULL Alekz Jwnes Gohemian Brove documentary


Harvard PhD researcher Jerome Corsi discusses Obama gay lifestyle
2012 Obama Hawaii classmate remembers very gay, very chill Obama
2012 Tipsy Joan Rivers gushes that Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny
Obama daughters are probably not Obama's daughters (decide for yourself)
Whups! Obama refers to his wife as Michael (you can hear the catch and tremor in his voice as he realizes he slipped up)
Mich LaVon Robinson body structure analysis
Obama's Occidental College Affair
Analysis of Barack and Michelle
Who is Big Mike?
Who is Barry Soetoro, really?
Larry Sinclair press conference
Did Obama cause a death to keep his secrets
Now, doesn't this make a lot more sense?
and this and this and this and this And this and this and this and this and this


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Report on Obama's childhood in Indonesia (99% Muslim)
40-min documentary presenting evidence that Obama is Muslim
Obama admits he is Muslim in his own words... and words... and words...
Barack Hussein Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood
Obama bows to the King... of Sunni Muslims
All about Hillary's right-hand gal: Huma Abedin
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Everyone assigned a Personal Protective Detail by the Secret Service is assigned a codename. For the past several decades, clients have been permitted to choose their own codenames. Barry Soetoro chose "Renegade". Does that name fit if he truly is a fake, a fraud, a gay communist muslim whose goal (in his own words) is to fundamentally reshape America? And how about Michelle "Big Mike" Robinson... the codename he chose is Renaissance. In French, this word literally means "reborn" and is most often associated with the rebirth of intellectualism as the Catholic Church lost its stranglehold on academic learning. But if a man transformed himself into a woman, could he see himself as reborn - a Renaissance woman?
Donald Trump, we are told, met Melania at a party. They were introduced by Ghislaine Maxwell. At this point, Maxwell and Epstein were attempting to insinuate themselves into Trump's life, and Melania was one of Epstein's girls. We are told that Trump was struck by two things: her beauty and how defeated and beaten-down she looked. He determined to get to know her and, after she eventually told him of Epstein and his entire trafficking operation, and the number and names of Washington elites involved, that is when, Q tells us, Trump decided he had to do something. Melania was Trump's inspiration to take on the Deep State, and specifically the trafficking of children. Melania's Secret Service codename: Muse. (Trump's is Mogul).


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