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Does Joe Biden Have a Double?

They say that everyone has a doppleganger (a nearly-identical look-alike). World leaders have used "body doubles" for years. Hitler had one. Stalin had one. Hillary Clinton is known to have and use up to three. And then there is the well-known incident where conservative podcaster Laura Loomer called-out a Kamela Harris body double outside a polling station and the double ran away.

So it wouldn't be a surprise that Joe Biden is using a body double, especially given his current state of mental decline. Even Joe hinted at the plan to replace him with Kamela Harris, here and here.

But the current theory that one can tell Joe's body double by the ear lobes might not be correct, because a careful study of several up-close Joe Biden images reveals another explanation. Joe has an advanced ear prosthesis - probably the ear receiver that he claims he doesn't wear. That would also explain the wire that is occasionally visible under his suit jacket.

How did we do our research? Simple. We used the same UK Telegraph news stream that is still available online and which we used to extract the photos of Biden's Chinese security agent.

All images clearly show the time position in the feed where we took the screenshot, so you can open the feed and check them out for yourself.

Then, to locate additional images, we used the Russian search engine, Yandex.com - because we have been fooled too many times by American search engines removing sites/articles/images that are embarrassing to the elites.

The observation that started us wondering

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Two Bidens or Earpiece?

Young Biden

Hunter's Laptop from Hell

The story was that in April 2019 Hunter Biden left a laptop at a computer repair shop near the Biden compound in Delaware, and then forgot about them. Repeated attempts by the store owner to contact Hunter went unreturned. After the three month legal period had expired, the store owner took possession of the laptops and began to review their contents. What he found caused him to multiple copies of the hard drives and send the copies to the police, the FBI, and numerous politicians and news hosts.

But can we believe the story? It would take an unstable crackhead to make a bonehead mistake like that, particularly if the contents of the laptops could not only put him in prison but his father also.

Turns out, Hunter Biden is an unstable crackhead.

What's with the Laptop?

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